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Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks

Ultralight Stuff Sacks

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Construction - stuff sacks utilize a “no-sew” construction, the Dyneema is bonded together at the seams using specific Dyneema bonding tape. By utilizing the bonding method these bags would be extremely waterproof.
Color/Dyneema :
  • CT1E.08 (.5 oz/sq) Blue but is more transparent due to its very light weight a true ultralight option. This is one of the lightest Dyneema ever created!  Since the Dyneema is a very light variant, extra care is needed when using these bags. I would consider these to be “light duty”.
  • CT2E.08 (.8 oz/sq) Spruce Green OR White, this is the updated version of the popular stuff sack model. Updates include; tougher (slightly heavier) Dyneema, these sacks are tough! 
  • CT3.5K.18 (1.3 oz/sq) Black, these stuff sacks are the toughest ones we offer. They are slightly heavier when compared to the lighter Dyneema however they will hold up under a lot of abuse!
Drawcord - 1.3mm Reflective UHMWPE Dutch Cord
Approximate Sizes, Dimensions and Weights
  • Mini - 6x3.75” - 4g - wallet, keys, etc.
  • Small - 10x5.5” - 5g - small tarps/bivy, misc ditties  
  • Medium - 10.5x8.5” - 7g - warm weather sleeping bags, clothes, bivy, tarps
  • Medium Tall - 15.5x8.5” - 8g - Large tarp, sleeping bag
  • Large - 15.5x11.5” - 10g - larger sleeping bag, lots of clothes
  • XL - 20.5x12.5” - 11g - synthetic sleeping bag, partial backpack liner
Variety Pack = 1-small, medium, medium/tall, Large!
I also have stuff sacks that double as pillows!