Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks
Ultralight Stuff Sacks

Ultralight Stuff Sacks

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Construction - stuff sacks utilize a “no-sew” construction, the Dyneema is bonded together at the seams using specific Dyneema bonding tape. By utilizing the bonding method these bags would be extremely waterproof and will retain its waterproofness even when stuffed full time and time again.
Color/Dyneema :
  • CT1E.08 (.5 oz/sq) Blue or Olive Drab but is more transparent due to its very light weight a true ultralight option. This is one of the lightest Dyneema ever created!  Since the Dyneema is a very light variant, extra care is needed when using these bags. I would consider these to be “light duty”.
  • CT2E.08 (.8 oz/sq) Spruce Green OR White, this is the updated version of the popular stuff sack model. Updates include; tougher (slightly heavier) Dyneema, these sacks are tough! 
  • CT3.5K.18 (1.3 oz/sq) Black, these stuff sacks are the toughest ones we offer. They are slightly heavier when compared to the lighter Dyneema however they will hold up under a lot of abuse!
Drawcord - 1.3mm Reflective UHMWPE Dutch Cord
Approximate Sizes, Dimensions and Weights
  • Small - 10x5.5” - 5g - small tarps/bivy, misc ditties  
  • Medium - 10.5x8.5” - 7g - warm weather sleeping bags, clothes, bivy, tarps
  • Medium Tall - 15.5x8.5” - 8g - Large tarp, sleeping bag
  • Large - 15.5x11.5” - 10g - larger sleeping bag, lots of clothes
  • XL - 20.5x12.5” - 11g - synthetic sleeping bag, partial backpack liner
Variety Pack = 1-small, medium, medium/tall, Large!
I also have stuff sacks that double as pillows!