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Ultralight Backcountry Cooler
Ultralight Backcountry Cooler
Ultralight Backcountry Cooler

Ultralight Backcountry Cooler

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Have you ever went out into the backcountry on an overnight adventure and had your evening beverage get warm, making it not so enjoyable!?  Enter the backcountry cooler, available in three sizes depending on your needs, these coolers are specifically designed and insulated to keep cold things cold and warm things warm AND will not add too much weight to your pack.
Common uses for these coolers include;
  • Cold beverages
  • Frozen steaks/meats
  • Cook pot cozy
  • Soups
  • Store electronics inside overnight to avoid freezing or draining batteries
  • General storage for items
Materials used for the build include;
  • Dyneema Composite Fabric CT3.5K.18 (1.3oz) Black/Dark Gray 
  • Insulation Material
  • #5 waterproof YKK zipper
  • 1/2” grab handle under the bag
Sizes and weights;
  • Single - 7x7x2” 34g - holds a 12oz can with a little extra space
  • Tall Boy - 9x8.5x3” 45g holds a 16oz can with plenty of room left, also makes for a great cozy for dehydrated meals
  • Double - 11x10.5x4” 62g holds two 22oz cans, perfect size for two people or for someone considered to be the life of the party with a few items to keep cold on the trail :)
Something to note, I would recommend putting anything that could melt inside of a ziplock bag as it could run out of the seams