Roll Top Dry Bag
Roll Top Dry Bag
Roll Top Dry Bag
Roll Top Dry Bag
Roll Top Dry Bag
Roll Top Dry Bag
Roll Top Dry Bag

Roll Top Dry Bag

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Hand made from Dyneema Composite Fabrics - Formally known as Cuben Fiber ultralight waterproof roll-top bags are a perfect way to keep organized but not add any additional ounces to your pack.  These bags are sewn and seam taped, when used properly (rolled three times then buckled) they are essentially 100% waterproof. 
If you are not sure which size you need we would recommend going up one size, the weight penalty is negligible.
Materials used -
  • Dyneema CT5K.18 (1.43oz) Green, Blue and White, Dyneema CT3.5K.18 (1.3oz) Black
Dimensions (flat) and weights by size include:
Small - 12x9 - 19 grams approximately - 1.6 liters 
Small Tall - 16.5x9 - 22 grams - approximately 5.5 liters
Ditty Bag, Electronics, Warm down quilts, Puffer Jackets, Sleeping Clothes, etc.
Medium - 16.5x11.5  - 27 grams - approximately 6.8 liters
Most 50-20° down sleeping bags/quilts, warm weather synthetic sleeping bags, extra clothes
Medium Tall - 21.5x9 (tall and skinny)- 27 grams - approximately 6.8 liters
Tents, stores great vertically inside or outside the pack
Large - 21.5x13 - 26 grams - approximately 11.2 liters
Large Tall - 25x11.5 - 35 grams - approximately 11 liters
Larger tents, winter down quilts and sleeping bags, Synthetic quilts and sleeping bags
Variety Pack includes 1 small, medium and large 1oz bags!

Roll top dry bags are NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED AS FOOD BAGS, if you are interested in a food bag please see our food bags here