Kalmiopsis Kit
Kalmiopsis Kit

Kalmiopsis Kit

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The Kalmiopsis Kit is named after the wilderness that is right out of our back door here in southwestern Oregon.  This wilderness zone is said by many to be the wildest place in the "lower 48", it is a great place for those searching for solitude as most of the area is rarely visited.  It is a harsh environment where civilization is miles away, you must be able to trust in your abilities and your gear.

With that in mind, this kit is designed for those adventure seekers who rely on their gear to get them home, or for those who take extended trips.  

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Kalmiopsis Kit Includes: 

  • Large Zippered Pouch
  • Small Roll Top Dry Bag
  • Large Roll Top Dry Bag
  • Large Bear/Food Bag
  • Large Pillow*

Color options will mainly include black or white, depends on current stock

*Pillows will feature a microfiber fabric inside